Top 10 intelligent automation companies

Top 10 Intelligent Automation companies: Cognizant, UiPath, Pega, Automation Anywhere, SS&C Blue Prism, WorkFusion, VKY Intelligent Automation & more

Intelligent automation combines AI and automation technologies to streamline business processes, allowing systems to make decisions and adapt to new scenarios. Here are our Top 10 companies using intelligent automation to make mundane tasks obsoletee for humans. 

10. VKY Intelligent Automation

Glasgow, Scotland

10 employees

Chairman: Keith Inch

Revenue: USD$1mn

VKY Intelligent Automation is a full service Intelligent Automation/RPA provider and a certified partner organisation of both UiPath and Automation Anywhere. Founded in 2016 and based in Scotland, VKY Intelligent Automation is ready to help businesses on their Intelligent Automation journeys.
The company offers various services including vendor selection and strategy advisory, up to the provision of a fully managed Intelligent Automation solution.

LinkedIn: VKY Intelligent Automation

Twitter: @VkyAutomation

VKY Intelligent Automation

9. BlueHalo

Arlington, Virginia, USA

600 employees

CEO: Jonathan Moneymaker

Revenue: USD$250mn 

BlueHalo is geared up to develop next-generation capabilities which can solve complicate problems across customers’ critical missions. CEO Jonathan Moneymaker is excited for the future of BlueHalo.
"Encapsulating BlueHalo's mission areas with IAI's world-class multi-domain artificial intelligence/machine learning -based technologies will accelerate and enhance BlueHalo's trajectory while creating a repeatable, sustainable engine of innovation," said Moneymaker.

LinkedIn: BlueHalo

Twitter: @BlueHalo_LLC


8. AntWorks 


200 employees

CEO: Mike Hobday

Revenue: USD$42mn

AntWorks is a global leader in intelligent automation and intelligent document processing. Founded in 2015, AntWorks has advanced across AI, Machine Learning and NLP technologies to support customers in their work. AntWorks has won awards for its progress, including ‘Intelligent Automation Platforms 2019’, where business consulting company NelsonHall lauded AntWorks’ technology as ‘cutting-edge’ and among the most ‘intriguing competitors’ in cognitive automation.

LinkedIn: AntWorks

Twitter: @AntWorksGlobal


7. AutomationEdge 

Houston, Texas, USA

11,000 employees

CEO: Uday Birajdar

Founded in 2015, AutomationEdge is a respected Hyper Automation, Robotic Process Automation and IT Automation solution provider, with customers including American Express, Capita, Coty, ICICI Lombard, HDFC Life, Smart Dubai Government, Mashreq Bank and Genpact.
AutomationEdge supports businesses to automate repetitive tasks across HR, IT, front office, middle office or back office.

LinkedIn: AutomationEdge

Twitter: @AutomationEdge


6. WorkFusion

New York, USA

29,000 employees

CEO: Adam Famularo

Revenue: USD$147mn

WorkFusion is a leading provider of Intelligent Automation solutions for Fortune 500 enterprises and financial services. 
The ‘AI-enabled digital workers’ at WorkFusion perform the highly skilled and decision-centric work in operations areas from customer service to anti–money laundering programs. 
WorkFusion allows businesses to advance their workforce capacity and enrich customer satisfaction. 
Since joining WorkFusion, CEO Adam Famularo has expanded WorkFusion’s vision with a stronger focus on digital workers that are changing the global workforce.

LinkedIn: WorkFusion

Twitter: @WorkFusion


5. SS&C Blue Prism

Windsor, Connecticut, USA

900 employees

CEO: Brian Mort

Revenue: USD$141mn

SS&C Blue Prism builds enterprise intelligent automation technology and encourages customers to ‘reimagine how work gets done with a secure and scalable intelligent digital workforce’. SS&C Blue Prism supports 3,000 customers in 140 countries and 70 industries, where workers can exchange time-consuming tasks with SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation. Under the leadership of CEO Brian Mort, Blue Prism revenues have grown considerably. 

LinkedIn: SS&C Blue Prism

Twitter: @blue_prism

SS&C Blue Prism

4. Automation Anywhere

San Jose, California, USA

2000 employees

CEO: Mihir Shukla

Revenue: USD$376mn

Automation Anywhere is a leader in cloud-native intelligent automation that is ‘On a mission to democratise automation’ with its 2.8mn bots working in 90 countries. 

The company's Chief People Experience Officer, Nancy Hauge, was awarded the 2023 CHRO of the Year Innovation Award at the HRO Today Awards Gala.

"As we navigate the rapidly changing workplace, it is essential that we put our people first and empower employees with new technologies like intelligent automation to benefit their daily work, well-being, and career growth,” said Nancy Hauge. “We believe every organisation can benefit from this approach, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise to help shape the future of work with our partners and customers in a positive way."

LinkedIn: Automation Anywhere

Twitter: @AutomationAnywh

Automation Anywhere

3. Pegasystems

Cambridge, USA

5000 employees

CEO: Alan Trefler

Revenue: USD$1bn

Pega allows clients to use its AI-powered automation - the Pega Platform - to solve all manner of problems with robotic process automation and business process management.

“Pega is a USD$1bn company; it’s a software company, and we call it ‘the software that builds itself’ because we are definitely here to crash customer complexity,” said Carola Cazenave, former Vice President of global business partner ecosystems at Pegasystems Inc. “So we do it by doing three things: one-to-one customer engagement, customer service and also intelligent automation.”

LinkedIn: Pegasystems

Twitter: @Pega


2. UiPath 

New York, USA

4000 employees

CEO: Daniel Dines

Revenue: USD$1bn

UiPath believes in ‘using the transformative power of automation and AI to liberate the boundless potential of people and accelerate human achievement’ - and with Intelligent Automation it is doing just that. 

Headquartered in New York City, UiPath has development centres across the United States, as well as in Romania, India and Japan.

UiPath's intelligent automation allows the company to perform more complex tasks regarding natural language processing and machine learning. This helps to make business processes more efficient, increases operational efficiency and minimises the potential for human error.

LinkedIn: UiPath

Twitter: @UiPath

1. Cognizant

Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

300,000 employees

CEO: Ravi Kumar

Revenue: USD$16bn

Cognizant is a leading global professional services company, founded in 1994, Chennai, India. The company specialised in digital engineering, the cloud, data, banking and manufacturing, especially intelligent automation and AI. 

Cognizant utilises intelligent automation to advance its operational efficiency, improve customer experiences and speed up its digital transformation. 

Earlier this year, Cognizant announced that it had been recognised as a leading provider of Capital Markets Operations by Everest Group.

"With its consulting-led approach, intelligent automation offerings across the trade lifecycle, and flexible delivery models, Cognizant has been able to establish itself as a transformation partner,” said Suman Upardrasta, Vice President, Everest Group.

LinkedIn: Cognizant 

Twitter: @Cognizant


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