Microsoft Cloud: data accessibility in manufacturing

Dominik Wee, of Microsoft’s Manufacturing & Mobility Industry, shares how Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing can accelerate the industry’s transformation

Microsoft is an industry leader in data, AI and much more. The tech-titan has worked with many manufacturing customers and partners, to better understand the challenges that they face and how to solve them. Leaders at Microsoft believe in the capabilities of its partners which bring greater value of the Microsoft stack to the sector. 

At Microsoft Inspire 2023, Dominik Wee, CVP for Manufacturing & Mobility Industry at Microsoft, announced that the company will be including manufacturing partner solutions in its Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program via ISV designations. 

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing brings the best of Microsoft and its partners together to drive forward digital transformation in the sector.

Enable intelligent factories

By leveraging IoT, data analytics, AI and cloud connectivity to extract critical data from across OT & IT Microsoft Cloud can drive improvements in Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), operations visibility and sustainability. 

Resilient manufacturing supply chain

Microsoft Cloud can build a resilient manufacturing supply chain by reviewing an organisation’s data from its production and operations. Manufacturers can get real-time visibility into the supply chain to better predict and manage potential risks - what every manufacturer wants to hear. 

Unlock innovation & introduce new products

Technology roadmaps can evolve to adopt Industrial Metaverse capabilities like AI, mixed reality, digital twins and edge-to-cloud, creating a digital loop of your assets and operations. Software defined products can create digital feedback loops, gather usage insights and open new business models with a digital services ecosystem. 

Supporting SMEs on their transformation journey

Wee exclusively told Manufacturing Digital that the company was excited to be able to bring Microsoft’s customers the best partner solutions.

“Over the past few years, Microsoft has collaborated with thousands of manufacturing

customers and partners,” said Wee. “Through various engagements, we have sought to understand their challenges and explore how we can provide value. We recognise that each customer is at a unique stage of their transformation journey, but all of them rely on a diverse ecosystem of technology capabilities. We believe that where we can add most value is by aiding customers manage this diverse and complex ecosystem of applications by enabling visibility into their data residing in these ISV applications, ensuring that it is not only accessible but also secure.

“Our customers tell us that data accessibility is one of their priorities, especially as they look to adopt AI technologies at scale across the value chain. With the inclusion of Manufacturing and Industrial Metaverse partners into our Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program (MACPP) we are ensuring customers access to their data by certifying our partners solutions compliance with Microsoft's data accessibility standards.

“SMEs often are looking for solutions that are ready to go with little customisation effort.

Through the extensive ecosystem of partners in MACPP we can offer this capability on the

foundation of the Microsoft Cloud. The program also provides expanded benefits for our

partners. First, around opportunities for innovation, like leveraging Microsoft's AI capabilities to enhance their solutions. Secondly, go-to-market benefits like co-sell incentives and greater transactability on our marketplace. And lastly, co-marketing and sales enablement opportunities.

“We’re excited to bring the best partner solutions to our customers and providing a way for customers to identify solutions aligned with the Microsoft Cloud and our industry clouds.”


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