Top 10 3D printing companies

HP, Adidas, Stratasys, 3D Systems Corporation, ICON, BigRep, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SPEE3D, Redefine Meat, Aleph Farms & Mark3D are our Top 10 3D printing companies

10. SPEE3D

Melbourne, Australia

40 employees

CEO: Byron Kennedy

SPEE3D's high speed, 3D printing process is used for metals and can make spare parts in just a few minutes. 

This month, SPEE3D announced that the British Army will purchase its new XSPEE3D metal Additive Manufacturing machine. In addition, the British Army has signed a two-year contract with SPEE3D, who will training the British Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

“Working together with defence worldwide, we have explored the impact of Additive Manufacturing to solve real supply chain problems by printing critical parts on demand and in rough conditions," said Byron Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of SPEE3D.

LinkedIn: SPEE3D

Twitter: @OfficialSPEE3D


9. Mark3D

Haiger, Germany

19 employees

CEO: Daniel Held

Mark3D is an expert in 3D printers, suitable materials and software and its consultants know their way around additive design for manufacturing purposes. Recently, the company has launched a new Aerospace and Defence Division in the UK's iAero Centre to encourage the adoption of additive manufacturing in the defence sector. 

"We believe there are still many challenges facing the Aerospace and Defence industry in relation to adopting additive manufacturing and we’d like to help solve them," said Ian Weston, Managing Director at Mark3D UK. "This division is a continuation of our strategic investment in serving our current and future customers in these industries."

LinkedIn: Mark3D

Twitter: @Mark3dUK 


8. BigRep

Berlin, Germany

80 employees

CFO: Reinhard Festag

BigRep is the developer of the world’s biggest serial production 3D printers, offering top quality speed and reliability. The company also 3D printed the world’s first e-motorcycle: The NERA e-motorcycle.

“These exciting prototypes not only demonstrate the unprecedented capacity of FFF large-scale 3D printing technology in Additive Manufacturing," said Stephan Beyer, former CEO of BigRep. "They also emphasize our unique ability as the market’s innovation and thought leader to bring cutting-edge technologies from design to reality, providing an added-value market lead for our industrial customers.”

LinkedIn: @BigRep

Twitter: @BigRep


7. Aleph Farms

Rehovot, Israel

140 employees

CEO: Didier Toubia

The supply chain crises over the past few years has hit many sectors, but food shortages have hit humanity relentlessly in the past - and possibly worse in the future as the human population continues to expand and humans live longer lives. The need for food is increasing and with it, prices are rising. 3D printed food might be the answer. Enter Israeli startup Aleph Farms. Using 3D bioprinting and live cultures of animal cells, the company can grow rib-eye steaks in labs in one month - the first to do so in 2018.

LinkedIn: Aleph Farms

Twitter: @AlephFarms

Aleph Farms

6. Redefine Meat

Rehovot, Israel

200 employees

CEO: Eshchar Ben-Shitrit

Israel is becoming a hub for food innovation, with Redefine Meat also offering 3D printed food, such as burgers, kababs and sausage - it can print plant-based-beef at 10kg in one hour.

The vegan food printed by Redefine Meat has also taken off in Europe and Redefine Meat has teamed up with Givaudan, a Swiss multinational flavour manufacturer, to enhance its burger patties, Mediterranean-style kebabs and more. It's printed food is now available in 70 restaurants in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.​​​​​​​

LinkedIn: Redefine Meat

Twitter: @RedefineMeat

Redefine Meat


Austin, Texas, USA

400 employees

CEO: Jason Ballard

In its mission to help more people afford a home of their own, ICON uses 3D printing robotics and software in its sustainable construction technologies. 

“If we’re going to be the advanced civilization we say we are and think we are, we ought to be better at sheltering ourselves,” said CEO Jason Ballard. “We must have ways of sheltering ourselves that don’t ruin this planet in the first place.”

LinkedIn: @ICON3DTech

Twitter: @ICON3DTech


4. 3D Systems Corporation​​​​​​​

Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA

2000 employees

CEO: Jeffrey A Graves

Three decades ago, industrial machinery manufacturing company 3D Systems Corporation brought 3D printing to the manufacturing sector. Now, it is a leader in 3D printing - across healthcare (including dental), aerospace, defence and automotive.

3D Systems empowers its customers to build products with its unique hardware, software and materials, alongside its expertise.

LinkedIn: @3dsystems

Twitter: @3dsystems

3D Systems Corporation​​​​​​​

3. Stratasys

Rehovot, Israel

2000 employees

CEO: Yoav Zeif

Stratasys was founded in 1989, Minnesota, USA, Stratasys is now headquartered in Israel. The company is leading the global move to additive manufacturing with its 3D printing polymer solutions across sectors including aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery and healthcare. 

“Disruptive technologies are changing the face of manufacturing, and 3D printing is one of the most transformative technologies we have seen to date, with almost limitless potential looking ahead,” said Yann Rageul, the Commercial Leader of the Industrial Business for EMEA and Asia at Stratasys.

LinkedIn: @Stratasys

Twitter: @Stratasys


2. Adidas

Herzogenaurach, USA

59,000 employees

CEO: Bjørn Gulden

Founded in 1948, Adidas has evolved with footwear and embraced the opportunities of 3D printing. By manufacturing shoes layer by layer, the designers at Adidas can build footwear without the flaws of traditional casting, moulding or machining. 

Adidas’ new shoe, the 4DFWD, was manufactured with Carbon 3D printing technology and includes a 3D printed bowtie-shaped lattice to improve runners movement.

LinkedIn: @Adidas

Twitter: @Adidas

1. HP

Palo Alto, California, USA

130,000 employees

CEO: Enrique Lores

HP’s 3D printing solutions are designed to change the world. The HP Multi Jet Fusion can produce components in millions of colours, which has made it an attractive option for the jewellery industry. 

In a partnership with Italian jewellers Legor, Ramon Pastor, HP’s Global Head and General Manager for Multi Jet, said he was excited to partner with another company that holds sustainability as a core business value. 

“We’re looking forward to continuing our Metal Jet partnership with Legor to champion the adoption of 3D printing technology in new and exciting industries while encouraging the adoption of this innovative technology for new applications,” said Pastor.

LinkedIn: @HP

Twitter: @HP


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