Tech Mahindra facilitates the digital transformation journey

Jinender Jain, Senior Vice President and Sales Head, UK and Ireland, at Tech Mahindra, explains how it supports the client digital transformation journey

Every consumer sees digital transformation across multiple facets of society. As a consumer, it is not always apparent just how much technology plays a role in the development of society and the services consumed in mass on a daily basis. 

The digital ecosystem goes beyond phones, computers and other digital products to include the infrastructure behind the scenes that ensures services are operational on a consistent basis to frequent the demand of a growing digital ecosystem. The global consumption of coffee is becoming increasingly more digital, the way we consumer advertisements relies on digital media products, and for anyone still purchasing items with cold, hard cash, digital payment is a process of the future and will develop at a fast, secure rate.  

Leading the support for businesses operating in the UK and Ireland, Jinender Jain, Senior Vice President and Sales Head, UK and Ireland, at Tech Mahindra, manages client relationships across the nation across different business verticals, including banking and financial services and insurance, healthcare and life sciences, as well as retail and manufacturing.

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