Smart Manufacturing Articles


Top 10 Smart Factories

Bosch, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi, Honeywell, ABB, GE, Hitachi & Emerson are our Top 10 Smart Factories


Top 10 IIoT applications

From Industrial Automation to Predictive Maintenance, here are our Top 10 Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications driving Smart manufacturing


Smart manufacturing expansion to start in US, says report

Research Drive report suggests US at the helm of smart manufacturing expansion, with advanced automation proving to be safe, cost-effective & sustainable


4 ways Industry 4.0 makes factory maintenance easier

Bryan Christiansen, founder and CEO of mobile CMMS software Limble CMMS, explores how Industry 4.0 keeps factories organised, automated and safe


Digital twins in smart manufacturing

Digital twins have gained attention in manufacturing since advancements in computing, modelling & IoT have made digital twin technology accessible

ServiceNow & Capgemini, saying yes to ESG & business impact

Anna Mazzone, EMEA Vice President for Risk and ESG at ServiceNow, discusses sustainability in business & their partnership with Capgemini


Manufacturing modernisation, spreadsheets & PIM strategy

Justin Perkins, CTO at Image Relay, highlights how a modern PIM strategy can help manufacturers avoid costly mistakes & work competitively in the sector


Manufacturing Digital news roundup: IIoT, data & the cloud

At Manufacturing Digital this week, we looked at the Top 10 IIoT companies in manufacturing, cloud networks & data, Industry 4.0 & digital transformation